Sav-Ya Shuttle

Patent Pending. Coming Q4 2023.


The Sav-Ya Shuttle, born out of the inventor's extensive experience in the height safety industry and their deep understanding of safety concerns, addresses critical flaws in existing shuttles. Existing shuttles lacked a reliable locking mechanism in the event of a backward fall. This deficiency posed a grave risk, potentially leading to catastrophic consequences. Even attempts by desperate individuals to grasp the shuttle might fail to engage and secure it, amplifying the danger.

The result of this innovation is a groundbreaking solution that not only saves lives but also enhances efficiency and durability. The patented shuttle ensures secure locking under any circumstances, eliminating the possibility of failure. This remarkable innovation represents a pivotal moment in the industry, and it is just the beginning of what we can expect from Vertical Height Safe T.

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Sav-Ya Shuttle




316 Stainless Steel


Triple Locking

Triple-Locking Mechanism

The sav-ya shuttle autonomous engineering frees up both your hands and your brain, allowing you to move freely up and down with no fear of falling.
If you lean back, it will sav-ya.
If you grab the shuttle it will sav-ya.
If you fall it will sav-ya.
Giving you the confidence to concentrate on your job.

Lean Lock

If you fall backwards, it will sav-ya.

Grip Lock

If you grab the shuttle, it will sav-ya.

Fall Lock

If you slip and fall, it will sav-ya.

SavYa Shuttle-2

Elevate Your Safety

Coming Q4 2023.

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